beautiful backyard garden

Beautiful backyard for a beautiful home

Beautiful backyard could be something that is achieved with the help of your other family members or even professionals doing the job in your backyard. Usually if you are going to do it with other family members, it would be nice to do them over the weekend because they are free from work or from school. Many ideas could be applied in creating a pretty backyard such as choosing many […]


Why choose to use evergreen landscaping?

Evergreen landscaping could be done for different homes especially if they have bigger sizes of yard (either front or back). Different plants have its own maturity age, color, shape; height and texture especially after you have them for a few years ahead. When considering doing this kind of landscaping for your home, you would have to be really careful of its spacing because they are often planted at doorways or […]

michel garden

Enjoying the natural beauty of Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden features a majestic 10 meters high waterfall and garden beds ablaze with the color of magnificent annual displays. Enjoy the path ways framed by hundreds of roses and spectacular views of the entire property from the pergola at the top of the waterfall. As a part of a city program helping unemployed men to earn money, E.M. Bair hired crew members to work on this garden. The men […]

garden and glass

Beauty reflection of Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass is a magnificent addition to Seattle Center. Fans of Dale Chihuly’s glass works will be delighted to trace his early influences neon art, Native American Northwest Coast trade baskets, and Pendleton blankets, to name a few to the vibrant chandelier towers and architectural glass installations he is most known for today. There are eight galleries total, plus a 40-foot-tall Glasshouse and an outdoor Garden, which serves […]